Over the years I have had a few folks that I call "Angels". Out of the blue, an Angel appears and helps finance my work. Currently, Angel Andy and Angel Charles have been very helpful in supporting my research.

You can support this exciting work.

First, forget everything that you were taught. And then, start really looking and listening to the world around you. Consider your observations, but do not make conclusions.

Second, please come to this website and see what I am sharing with you. I want you to see and hear what I have observed.

Third, DO SOMETHING. Experiment, observe and learn things anew!

If you want to give financial support, you can directly support my work by contacting me (link here). Or.....

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We have a "Help the Hutchisons Store" linked within this website.                       Nancy writes about products that she has actually used, and you can search all of Amazon from our store. Same price as if you went directly to Amazon to shop.  We only get credit for your purchases when you first go through out website. LINK HERE

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