Currently, the technology used in the elimination of radioactive contamination is a combination of various sound. Sound can be defined as radiation, movement or frequency. Thereby radio, light and audio frequencies are all "sound".

When I first met Nancy we lived and worked together in Minnesota. At the time we were producing the video "March of the Hobbits" and developing my Crystal Power Cells. One of the crystal power cell experiments involved letting the cell cool and dry (form its crystalline structure) while on top of a speaker playing various sound/frequencies/music. Nancy discovered a substantial improvement in the crystal power cell when the cell was dried on a speaker that was playing Solfeggio Tones.

Fast forward in time. I decided to travel back to my lab in Canada, sell most of the equipment and pack up the rest and bring it back to Minnesota. Nancy came to Canada with an old farm pick up truck and cargo trailer that she had borrowed. The BP Oil Disaster was full blown at that time. When Nancy arrived in Canada she asked, "Since you can change aluminum into something that is not aluminum, can you change the BP oil polluted water back into clean water?"

That question resulted in months of experiments involving polluted water....and nothing I did worked. Nancy then asked if I could input the Solfeggio Tones into the RF signal generators. The very moment the tones were input, the oscilliscope we used for monitoring the water changed. Independent scientific lab results verified what the oscilliscope told us...the combination of the tones and the RF worked.

Some jars of polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico had been sent to us and we tested the tones/RF combination. It worked. We had the proof that my technology could clean water that was polluted by oil. On jars of water in the lab.

Nancy was convinced that what we accomplished on some jars of water could be used to clean trillions and trillion and trillions of gallons of water in the Gulf of Mexico. I had sold the anti-gravity portion of my lab to a research company in Germany. Nancy promised the "trip of my life" if we packed up the remaining equipment and went to help clean up the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

And yes, the technology worked in cleaning waters in the Gulf of Mexico that had been polluted by the BP Oil Disaster. Independent scientific tests confirm this fact.

While cleaning the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Japan Fukushima Nuclear Disaster occured. Since I have extensive experience in eliminating radioactive contamination, I modified the modulation of the radio frequencies. Nancy and I also made the decision to travel back to Minnesota to refine the technology.

Nancy has spent many months testing the tones, using a Geiger counter and radioactive sample. Below is the current audio that is input to the RF signal generators. At any moment, there are at least 50 tracks playing simultaneously. 

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