Elimination of Radioactive Contamination

My work with eliminating radioactive contamination began in the mid 1980s. I was monitoring the radiation levels during my experiments with a Geiger counter, and noticed that there was NO BACKGROUND RADIATION within a 75 foot radius of the running equipment. Later, in 1997 I conferenced with other scientists in California (sponsored by Star Trek producer Herman Zimmerman) concerning methods to eliminate the contamination from radioactive waste. 

Ken Shoulders attended that conference and spent a great deal of time evaluating the Hutchison Effect and identifying what he called EVOs (Exotic Vacuum Objects). Ken Shoulders is known as the "Father of MicroElectronics" for his work in developing that technology with M.I.T. Ken also presented a paper to M.I.T. that describes how the Hutchsion Effect eliminates radioactive contamination. A separate page of this website contains some of his work. LINK HERE.

Nancy and I were on the Gulf of Mexico using my technology for cleaning waters that had been polluted by the BP oil disaster when the nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan exploded. We made the decision to leave the Gulf of Mexico and return home to Minnesota. In Minnesota we refined the technology and tested to validate the effectiveness. We then decided to leave everything, leave our home in Minnesota and to go to the area of the USA worst hit with the radioactive contamination, the southern coast of Oregon. 

More info is currently at www.life-ray.org.

Nancy talking to her children.....why we left our home in Minnesota.

Info video about the nonprofit, Life Ray. 

Anti-radiation frequencies....frozen in ICE and ABOVE the ICE....hmmmm

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